Hotel Company 2/7 Corpsmen

Next to God..... A Grunts Best Friend.....


I shall not walk in your footsteps, but I will walk by your side. I shall not walk in your image, for I've earned my own title of pride.

We answer the call together, I been there right at hand. Whether I'm on the ocean wearing white; or in the jungles, wearing green.

Given aid to my fellow man be a sailor or Marine, doing the job as those who came before me, with courage and pride. And when you hear the call for "Corman up" when your life is on the line, he's the one who always be running to get up by your side.

So the next time you see a Corman, and you call him a "squid". You better think twice, because he's our brother,  and  he is also a  U.S. Marine.......

                                            THE MAN WE CALL "DOC"

Fleet Marine Force/Corpsmen
H Co 2/7 Corpsmen
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